easyJet try to woo BA customers, but don't mention the fines

Looking to make hay while the sun shines - if you consider the recent near-implosion of British Airways to be a bright point in the year - easyJet have hit their customer base with a long list of reasons to fly with them on business trips. Perhaps the days of booking BA for reasons of stature have passed, but we don't see many switching from business class to budget airlines, and those who are flying economy are unlikely to be that loyal to any one brand anyway.

Bitterwallet - easyJet offers business travellers the same old extras

Amongst the BA-busting burble from easyJet is the ability to switch to an earlier flight for free and no charge for hand baggage, no matter how much it weighs - always welcome in these days of staff greedily eyeing the scales. One point not mentioned is the fine levied for extra items of hand luggage; in fact it's not mentioned anywhere on the easyJet site according to blogger Damian Corrigan:

There is no warning before you check in. Even the airline's staff are in the dark about it. I asked an on-board steward how much the fine was and he said it was the same as for extra checked luggage - 11€ online, 22€ on the day. But there is no facility to pay for the extra hand luggage when booking.

According to easyJet customer services, of course you're allowed a second item of hand luggage as long as it's booze and tabs from Duty Free, otherwise the unmentioned fine will be charged. Given that Ryanair were given so much grief about similar charges earlier in the year, it's odd that easyJet don't mention it. Or perhaps it isn't.


  • Paul
    Interesting - i arrived at the airport early in november, and offered to do just this (get on an earlier NON-PEAK) flight. Yes, if you want to pay £125 extra. Forget it Easycrap - I'll fly with anyone else other than yourselves now...
  • Nobby
    Why not put your extra items in a duty free bag?
  • TomT
    So why should you have the right to an extra 'free' piece of land luggage? Afterall, there is only limited space for baggage in aircraft cabins........ At least they let you carry on stuff youve bought past security at the airport (duty free etc) separately (unlike our friends at Ryanair....). They have, however, missed one reason for flying Easyjet over BA - 'because there is likely to be a real big strike by cabin crew at BA........ sometime in the near future......'
  • Jason
    Can a company say its one price online and another on the day...but not offer the service online that pulls the price down? It's like getting a parking fine with the pay in a month and its less...then putting at the bottom that the offices are closed for 2 months.

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