easyJet to sell flights on Facebook - the easy option...

Earlier this week, Ryanair declared its unrequited love for social media and announced plans to develop an online travel community so travellers could post and share reviews and recommend local attractions to one another. Of course, Ryanair doesn't want to engage consumers anywhere where nasty things might be said about them, so they'll be creating these new digital groups on their own website, where they can be moderated and controlled.

easyJet, meanwhile, are going the other way, and engaging consumers in their own communities. The airline will soon be the first to offer consumers the ability to buy a flight directly through its Facebook fan page. There's already customer support available through Twitter, and a Facebook application that lets you plan holidays online with friends.

We can't help but feel Facebook is old school, though - it's been around years. If easyJet really wanted to be on the bleeding edge of social media, there's only one place to be:

Bitterwallet - easyJet on Chat Roulette


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