Easyjet tells on eDreams for naughty pricing policies

Bitterwallet - easyjetYou may remember that last year, after a campaign by Which! The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) ruled that airlines had to include unavoidable charges, like debit or credit card charges, in advertised headline costs of flights. Clearly some airlines found this something of an affront to their profit projections.

Now, in a playground-style move, easyJet have told on another company for breaking the rules. Couched as assiduous concern for easyJet passengers, easyJet have not only dobbed on eDreams to the OFT, but also to the Civil Aviation Authority and our favourite consumer champions Which!, who will presumably frown them into submission.

Concerned that “hundreds of thousands of UK consumers” are being “duped” into paying more than they should, easyJet have declared all out war on eDreams, claiming its “illegally” advertised prices are “unachievable”, despite its own checkered past on engaging in similar practices omitting card and luggage fees.

Peter Duffy, marketing director of easyJet said: "The activity of eDreams means that we estimate around one million easyJet passengers are being duped into paying too much.

"The eDreams website has no authorisation to 'screen scrape' in order to sell easyJet flights and the way they present their prices is wrong and misleads consumers."

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which? told yourmoney: "Companies must comply with the ban on excessive card charges that came in after our campaign, and shouldn't be misleading consumers by adding on charges late in the booking process. Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading should crack down on any company found to be breaching these laws."


  • spyro
    flex wit da erb
  • Tim B.
    Just so we're clear: 1. eDreams are scraping their prices directly from EasyJet's website 2. Easyjet are saying those prices are unachievable and illegally listed 3. ????
  • Hello
    yeah, its a shame bitterwallet don't write stories that explain things properly, it would stop people not having a clue what thy are on about. this is what which actually say Cheap flight prices When Which? Travel carried out spot checks on eDreams website today, we found that the price for two flights increased beyond the initially advertised price because of unavoidable extras. A return flight between London Southend and Edinburgh for one person with no bags was advertised as £81.27, but rose to £97.73 once a service fee and debit card charge was added. The debit card charge was the equivalent of 8.5% of the initial fare. Another return flight between Luton and Malaga, again for one person with no bags, increased from an initial price of £169.27 to £188.37 when the service charge and debit card fee were added.

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