Easyjet promise fares will stay low

Easyjet fares

Even though Easyjet have posted losses of £24 million (for the six months to the end of March, which is down from the profit of £7 million for the same period last year) they have vowed to keep their prices low.

It seems like the holiday makers aren't too worried, saying that sales were harmed by terror attacks, which meant people didn't want to fly for a period. They've also been affected by a fall in the value of the pound.

These are things they can turn around, which is good if you're looking to buy cheap flights.

They said that the "softening of the pound against the euro" saw the airline losing around £30 million compared to a year ago, but they should be fine as "demand for air travel continues to grow."

Easyjet chief executive, Carolyn McCall said that the company "delivered a robust performance" during the first half of the year, "despite recent disruptive events".

"Our seat prices are 6% lower year-on-year, which is good news for customers."

"That means customers are going to get very good deals, even in the summer."

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