EasyJet plane lands after stewardess punched over butty

1 April 2015

Bitterwallet - easyJet An EasyJet flight had to be diverted to Rome so staff could eject a passenger. Troublesome passengers on planes are nothing new, as we know from the poo that was so bad a plane had to stop its journey, and the drunk woman who got arrested after doing the nasty with herself.

This one, however, is a little unusual thanks to being something that escalated over a magnificently trivial matter.

A passenger punched a stewardess to the floor in a row about a sandwich.

So what happened? Well, the man in question complained that his sandwich was taking too long to get to him and his gaping gob, and so, he did something that was logical only to himself, and smacked a crew member on the flight from Geneva to Pristina.

A witness said: "He shouted at the stewardess, then he stood up and punched her, and when she fell to the floor, he carried on hitting her." Before the attack, he apparently shouted: "I've been waiting for hours, I'm hungry."

After he punched a woman because his stomach was empty, the rest of the plane set about him, restraining him while a doctor made sure the lady was okay. The man punched the woman hard enough to break her glasses.

The stewardess told a Swiss newspaper: "I was totally shocked. I can’t understand how anyone could react so violently over a sandwich."


  • Jeremy C.
    That'll fucking teach her not to have my food ready
  • Father J.
    It's only a shame they couldn't strap a parachute to this cunt and throw him out of the plane. At least that way the rest of the passengers wouldn't have been inconvenienced.

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