EasyJet pilots to strike?

EasyJet pilots to strike?

There seems to be a lot of strikes on at the moment, and depending on what side of the fence you're on, you're either thinking 'Gah! All these bloody workshy people!', or 'Why are so many companies treating their staff so badly?'

Obviously, there's a third option of 'not arsed, mate'.

Either way, there's news that EasyJet pilots are being balloted about industrial, as there's claims that they're all suffering from too-high levels of fatigue, which is rising.

With that, pilots who are members of BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) are going to have a vote in the next couple of weeks to see if they want to strike.

The results will be in on 21 September.

A spokesperson for the union said: "No plans have been made for what will happen beyond that date and any such reports are wrong."

"BALPA will issue further information after the close of the ballot."

An EasyJet spokesperson replied: "EasyJet can reassure its passengers that no industrial action is currently planned by its UK pilots."

"Although BALPA has informed us they are balloting their members, EasyJet and BALPA continue to work together, as we are both committed to finding a resolution to the issues raised and we still hope to reach a mutually agreeable solution."

So, everyone's playing nicely at the moment, which is nice. Perhaps it is a process that the bosses at Southern might want to have a look at?

What do you think?

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