EasyJet passenger told her breastfeeding was ‘upsetting other passengers’

breastfeeding How weak does someone's constitution have to be, where they end up feeling upset at the sight of a baby or a boob?

Well, looks like some folk need to shape up, as a mother has vented her ire after she was told to cover up while she was trying to breastfeed her child on an EasyJet flight.

Gemma Leung, the mother in question, said that she didn't even get her eight-month-old baby fed when a flight attendant told her she that she was going to have to cover everything up with a blanket for fear of upsetting the other passengers.

Again - imagine being upset by it. Getting irritated if the baby starts to cry and crap everywhere, sure, but a feeling of being distraught by a something as magnificently humdrum as a woman breastfeeding.

Mercifully, not all the attendants were thundering berks, as another returned to the 'upsetting' scene and apologised to Leung. "I'm totally outraged," said Mrs Leung. "It ruined the whole trip for me and my mum. It’s just not right."

EasyJet have made a public apology and reiterated that passengers are indeed allowed to breastfeed at any point during a flight, with a spokesperson adding: "The crew member was immediately corrected by another member of crew who apologised to Mrs Leung. This does not reflect EasyJet’s policy on breastfeeding."


  • dvdgremlin
    It's a load of nonsense on both sides. Whoever complained needs to grow up as does the lady that claims 'it ruined the whole trip' for her and her mother. How pathetic are some people ?
  • Jessie J.
    Tits or GTFO!!
  • Dave B.
  • Father J.
    "Whoever complained needs to grow up" Did you read the article? No-one complained. A flight attendant (who, by the sounds of it, urgently needs either re-training or the sack) told this woman she'd have to cover up *in case* she offended other passengers.
  • Dildo H.
    Just another ruse to force customers to buy over-priced Easyjet in-flight drinks. Disgraceful.

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