easyJet offers BA passengers easy perks

To be honest with you, our money was on Ryanair coming up with the first promotion to capitalise on the British Airways strikes, but easyJet have beaten them to it:

"easyJet have announced that following the news that British Airways cabin crew are set to take industrial action, the airline will offer British Airways Executive Gold card holders free speedy boarding plus (priority check-in and boarding) on the days that BA crew strike.

"Paul Simmons, easyJet’s UK general manager, said: “We believe that our award winning service and amazingly low-fares will attract even more BA passengers to fly with easyJet. This is a golden opportunity for BA’s Executive Club card holders to try our Speedy Boarding product – after which, they will never look back.”

If you say so. It's now likely that Sky Marshall O'Leary has the Ryanair marketing team locked in a cellar, thrashing them at regular intervals until they come up with an outrageously childish promotion to strike back with. In fact, we imagine a situation at Ryanair HQ not too dissimilar to this:


  • Steve B.
    UNfortunately, almost a word-for-word rip-off of the following note from SAS that came out a few days back: Dear customer, Scandinavian Airlines will help BA passengers as much as possible after hearing the announcement that BA crew will be striking for seven days in March. In addition to our flights operating as normal, we will be doing all we can to help BA customers get to their final destination by looking at flying larger aircraft and allowing BA Gold Executive card holders access to SAS Lounges worldwide when travelling with SAS. Passengers wishing to take up this offer on strike days should present their BA Gold card to our Lounge staff.
  • Steve B.
    I trust those BA passengers will really enjoy the ability to board the bus to the aircraft faster than everyone else and then be pummelled in the scrum to reach the aircraft faster than anyone else... Oh, and the privilege of paying £7 for a glass of bubbles instead of being plied it by a twink called Clyde.
  • Sam J.
    Easyjet said recently it was now the UK's national airline because it carries more passengers than BA or Ryanair and Ryanair are always making similar comparisons to BA. They seem to forget that most of BA's revenue comes from long-haul. BA's main short-haul purpose these days is to feed long haul. BA offer 8+ flights a day to New York, 3 to LA, 3 to Hong Kong, 2 to Joburg and so on ad infinitum to all corners of the globe.... and you can't get to Barbados or Dubai on Ryanair that's for sure ! Not that I can afford to go to these places but my point is you simply can't compare Easyjet and Ryanair to British Airways. You may be able to get to these places on other airlines but you certainly wouldn't get the huge network and frequency that BA provides for the UK.
  • Nobby
    Free blow-job from a 16 year old Polish boy, in between shouting "lottery tickets". That's saved them a few days of brainstorming.
  • Oriental B.
    Dear customer, Oriental Carpet Brokers will help BA passengers as much as possible after hearing the announcement that BA crew will be striking for seven days in March. We will offer 15% discount on any of our rugs, carpets and textiles purchased online during the day of the strike to stranded BA passengers in London.
  • The B.
    Which would be fine except for the fact that speedy boarding only exists if the staff decide to let everyone out in a staggered fashion. I've paid the money previously only to discover a free for all when the gate opens, so it's a load of old bollocks really.

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