EasyJet not worried about terror, as profits grow

Bitterwallet - easyjet The chief exec of Easyjet said that they're not expecting to see any lasting problems with trading following the recent terror attacks in France and Egypt.

Carolyn McCall said that increased airport security and worries about air travel would lead to a 'cooling off' with passengers, but if history is anything to go by, passenger growth always continues despite awful events. The best way to not let them win, is by getting on with your life, it seems.

This follows the news that Easyjet posted their fifth consecutive year of record profits.

McCall said that, by the end of Tuesday, all Easyjet passengers would have been brought back to the UK from Sharm, where a Russian plane was downed in an attack, killing all 224 people on board. "It will take a little longer to get though airports, but I do not think that passengers will mind because it has to be safety first," she said.

"There's always a cooling off after tragic events," she added; "But it does resume after a period of time, and I think that we will see this here."

Annual profits at the airline, who have just celebrated their 20th birthday, were up 18% to £686m. Revenues were up 3.5% to £4.68bn, with passenger numbers up 6% to 68.6 million in the year to end-September.

"Our outlook for the longer term is positive. We expect demand in our markets to be sustained and for Easyjet to continue to be a winner in its markets. We will see passenger growth of 7% a year."

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