easyJet is a scan - new mobile check-ins tested to cut costs

As Ryanair successfully proved a couple of weeks ago, not having enough check-in desks available in airports can lead to holiday-bollocking ruination. easyJet aren't going to make the same mistake, but they do need to make some changes to lower their running costs.

easyJet is to conduct trials at a mystery UK airport by replacing check-in desks with devices that process passenger details and print boarding passes. The budget airline also plans to shorten queues at departure gates with the mobile scanning of boarding passes. Unlike Sky Marshall O'Leary's empire, they aren't planning to scrap check-in desks altogether and nor do they intend to charge for airport check-in. Hurrah.

The only worrying footnote to this otherwise positive announcement, is the ability for these mobile systems to generate additional revenue. An easyJet employee armed with a mobile scanner could easily pester the living daylights out of you wherever you're sitting, and attempt to flog their ropey speedy boarding passes or other services. One step forward, two steps back...

[The Times]


  • Brian
    Is the Government censoring this BLOG? When i read this page earlier today (using the FREE INTERNET access at the Library) there were 4+ responses to this article????
  • Daniel
    To cut cost they also find a solution: they fire people, about 250! And to get more money? Take example on Ryanair! They are to increase its luggage charges by 50 per cent. As simple as that.

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