easyJet Holidays takes off - will you be booking up?

There's a new package holiday company in town, with a name you know already. Although they've offered add-ons to their flights in the past, easyJet have now launched their new website for fully integrated package holidays. They're out to take on other package holiday operators with their low-cost flights as the backbone to their service, with options available on all their UK routes.

Bitterwallet - easyjet holiday

So will easyJet's advantage actually save you any money? We had a quick check and compared the service to (Don't Just Book It) Thomas Cook (It). First we searched for a seven night holiday in Majorca for two adults and two children, flying on 2nd July. Both sites returned a three star hotel as their recommended best seller:

Bitterwallet Thomas Cook / easyJet 1

Bitterwallet Thomas Cook / easyJet 2

We then had a look at the cheapest options available from each:

Bitterwallet Thomas Cook / easyJet 3

Bitterwallet Thomas Cook / easyJet 4

We then changed our departure airport to Stansted, then to Edinburgh. In all six examples, easyJet undercut Thomas Cook for similarly rated accommodation. To be fair, we weren't searching for a specific hotel, but neither are the majority of customers. How integrated the whole experience will be is another matter - no doubt we'll hear from avid Bitterwallet readers if something's awry.


  • Delenn
    7 nights, Self catering £256 pp You all want to be in the same room. £44 per booking You want a bed. That will be £37 per person per night. Bus from the airport. £45 per person each way. ............. ;-)
  • Matt
    New package holiday company? Easyjet Holidays have been going for years! I have a booking confirmation from 2 years ago from them... They do have a new website though... that's about it.
  • callum
    That makes sense then, I was wondering why they would have best sellers if it's only just started.
  • Lou
    Taken from easyJet Holidays website easyJet Holidays brings together the favourite UK airline, easyJet, and the leading arranger in the UK of accommodation, lowcostbeds.com, to provide great value for money city breaks and beach holidays to all easyJet’s destinations. The arrangements for your holiday are made by easyJet, acting as principal for flights and as disclosed agent for travel insurance, car rental and airport parking; and by Lowcostbeds.com Ltd acting as disclosed agent for accommodation and transfers. It is a new venture that is why the website has changed.

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