Easyjet have found a way to fly through volcanic ash clouds

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Easyjet have apparently developed a system that will allow them to fly around volcanic ash clouds without bursting into flames and crashing, killing everyone on-board.

This new thing involves infra-red technology which will allow pilots to see the damaging particles up to 62 miles ahead... possibly leaving them too press their noses up to the windscreen like a pensioner in his Metro going to buy 90 boxes of Trill. The theory here is that the pilot will be able to change course, dodge the cloud and continue to fly safely... into another flight path.

But who are we to be glib. Easyjey have the backing of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and they're the people who decides whether it is safe to fly through ash in UK airspace. Of course, they're sick of being slagged off by everyone who missed flights or had to stump up compo for those that were grounded after they were deemed to be overly cautious about the whole thing.

Easyjet chief executive, Andy Harrison, told Auntie: "This pioneering technology is the silver bullet that will make large-scale ash disruption history."

The new system has a HILARIOUS acronym too. It's called Airborne Volcanic Object Identifier and Detector, or A.V.O.I.D. It'll be tested by Airbus on behalf of Easyjet within the next two months - so look out for bits of metal falling from the sky.


  • James D.
    I'd rather take my chances going to Butlins.
  • Nobby
    They should just get all their staff to designate themselves as robots, and no longer take passengers, but only "cargo". They will provide the orange boxes for you to get in at the airport (£20 per box per flight). That way, the flights are all robot controlled, and only take cargo, so it doesn't matter if they crash.
  • Lumoruk
    Sorry where does it say they developed it? "Easyjet, which is spending £1m ($1.47m) on the system, says it is happy for rivals to share its knowledge. " That to me says a separate company that specialises in infra technology has sold equipment to easyjet to use it on their aircraft. If Easyjet have moved into developing ground breaking infra red technology my shares in easy jet will surely sky rocket.
  • robstar
    bet they will try and chage you extra for the radar
  • Matt
    What do you mean "found a way to fly through ash cloud?" apparently my flight from Barcelona to Liverpool on the day no european flights was NOT cancelled! Well thats what there response to my claim was this week, unbelievable I/we must have dreamt all this!!
  • Skymarshall
    I hate "Easyjey". Wankers can fly where I can't. Mainly to the centre of the destination.

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