EasyJet crew set to strike

Bitterwallet - easyJet There's more strikes afoot. You'll know that there's been rail strikes, strike action at the Channel Tunnel and of course, walkouts in the airline industry.

Now it is the turn of EasyJet cabin crew, with 2,000 workers set to down tools (wet wipes and uninflated life jackets) over a pay row, and is likely to take place sometime next month.

Of course, this could potentially ground thousands of flights, which in turn, would affect a lot of families who want to get a break in during the school holidays from a number of the country's airports.

EasyJet bosses have indeed, offered a pay rise to cabin crew of 4.1% and 5.1% to the managers, but this has been refused by unions who think the working staff deserve more than that. They'd like to see a bigger pay increase to reflect the staff's responsibilities and long working hours that they put in.

Some EasyJet cabin crew are apparently on a basic salary of just £10,000. Considering that various people in the know say that a living wage in 2015 is in the region of £17,500, you can see where the argument lies.

An EasyJet spokesperson said: "EasyJet’s cabin crew receive the highest pay in the UK airline industry. EasyJet has now awarded its UK cabin crew increases of 4.1% for cabin crew and 5.1% for cabin managers over two years backdated to January 2015 on top of an already market leading set of pay and conditions in the UK."

We'll keep an eye on things and report back with news of any affected flights.

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