EasyJet and Ryanair go toe-to-toe and spoilsport ASA breaks it up

easyJet-ad-about-Ryanair-001In the past Ryanair has slagged off the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and called them "Monty Pythonesque" and "Absolutely Stupid Asses". However, they've gone running to the ASA like wailing babies after EasyJet took the piss out of them in an ad campaign.

Ryanair have long moaned about the ASA after the regulatory board repeatedly smacked their legs over continued abuse of advertising rules.

Now they're asking the ASA to tell EasyJet off after a poster campaign saw the light of day which claimed that Ryanair did not fly to airports customers believed they had booked.

The strapline on the ad ran: "Who loves flying you to the place you actually booked?".

One the spots pointed out that Ryanair flights to Paris actually landed in Beauvais and a trip to Barcelona would see you touching down at Girona airport. Ryanair complained that the ad was misleading. The ASA agreed (although, I bet they would have loved to have stuck their fingers in their ears and pretended that they couldn't hear Ryanair's weeping).

"We considered the challenging tone of the headline "Who loves flying you to the place you actually booked?" combined with the implication that Ryanair misled customers and flew them to airports different to the ones to which they had booked was denigratory," the ASA said.



  • Shopdis F.
    Haha, that is brilliant from EasyJet
  • Tom P.
    Stupid Ryanair, they deserve to get the piss taken out of them.
  • Robert
    What's wrong with that? It clearly states on ryanair.com that the airports they fly to are; Girona (Barcelona) Milan (Bergamo) etc. How else do you think they're able to provide cheap flights?
  • Steve J.
    f*ck off robert, you ryanair ass kissing git
  • Nobby
    Which of these airports are in London? They all use the name. London Heathrow London Gatwick London City London Stansted London Luton London Oxford London Southend I guess all Easyjet need to do is change the slogan from "Who loves flying you to the place you actually booked?" to "Who loves flying you to the place you want to go?"
  • Robert
    @ Steve What ru on about??? I was saying that Ryanair have no grounds for a compaint, seeing as Easyjet have put the correct destinations on their posters
  • kev
    @ Robert: they are implying that Ryanair don't fly you to the destination you've booked, which is where they took issue
  • jeff
    txt spk ftw

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