€10 returns flights to the US? Not yet, says Ryanair

Three years ago, Sky Marshall O'Leary caused all manner of excitement amongst both the aviation industry and consumers - Ryanair would begin operating long-haul routes to the US for less than a tenner (not including taxes, credit card payments, baggage or online check-in fees) within three to four years. A new brand would be created to operate between Europe and six US cities, and as with its European services, passengers would pay for food and drinks consumed on-board, as well as in-flight entertainment.

For now, alas, the low-cost transatlantic dream is over. The Irish Examiner reports that O’Leary has put the plans on hold for several more years, because of a backlog in orders for long-haul aircraft. As you can imagine, the news has stunned the Bitterwallet team - for months we clung to the hope of coital relations that didn't cost us money:


  • Nobby
    Who would want a blow job off Ryan Air staff? You just know there would be some fat spotty teenage Polish boy that would be giving them, while trying to sell you a lottery ticket.
  • Morris
    I would love a BJ off a spotty Polish kid, and that's not just because I'm a convicted paedophile.
  • Gadget 4.
    They can polish my pole any time.
  • Angry S.
    What an utter asshole that man is. The poor translator should have whacked him in the gob.
  • sample
    He also delays free air travel.Many years ago he promised only free air travel. we're far from that, and Ryanair will increase its fares soon.

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