Durham Tees Valley Airport to charge you simply for walking through the door

Bitterwallet - planes to fly in volcano ashIf you're planning on flying from Durham Tees Valley Airport, you'll love this. Soon, you'll have to pay a fee just to get through the doors.

That's right! From November, adults will be charged £6 and children £2.

Owner Peel Airports reckon that this fee is a way of safeguarding the future of the airport, which is making big losses. You'll be expected to pay your fee at machines in the terminal which will issue you with a ticket which allows you to pass through security and into the departure areas. Or, of course, you can now weigh up the pros and cons of flying from somewhere else.

Craig Richmond, chief executive of Peel Airports, said: "It is no secret that all sections of the transport industry have felt the impact of the global recession - and in many respects it has been especially difficult for local airports such as Durham Tees Valley.

"I remain optimistic that the airport has a bright long-term future provided we can meet the current challenges.

"Of course, no-one likes being asked to pay money, but I hope that customers, and indeed the whole local community, will recognise that it is something we have to do if the airport is to be able to move forward."

Anyone else enjoy the way that Durham Tees Valley Airport thinks that they're the only ones hit by this recession? It's not good to wail about a global recession then hit your customers with the cost now, is it?


  • jiva
    they've been doing this at Norwich airport for several years now. To pay for developments they said... then they've removed all non package holiday flights, except if you want to go KLM and link up to somewhere exotic, So you cant go somewhere short distance unless you buy the whole package. It means the next airport is Stanstead a whole 1.5 hours away by car, with large parking charges and a single carriage way section during the drive home. Not exactly conducive to comforting travel.
  • Rick G.
    This is already the case in Norwich, it's £5 for the Airport Development Fee which let's you depart
  • Marky M.
    £5 to get out of Norwich? Hmmm...
  • Nobby
    Fuck that, I'll climb through the window.
  • The B.
    "no-one likes being asked to pay money" As opposed to what exactly? Do people like to pay in oranges? Is their a segment of society who utilise firelighters as currency? Sorry, I'm in a pedantic/grumpy mood.
  • sebsational
    Yes this happened to me at Norwich airport a couple of years ago. What really took the p**s was that there was no warning beforehand. So having booked and paid in full for our tickets (some of which would already be going to the airport) we got to the airport and were forced to pay this additional charge to board our flight. Not impressed. If they want to charge more this should be charged to the airline who will then in turn pass it onto the consumer through the ticket price which you can see upfront and are agreeing to pay should you book. Sneaky t*****s.
  • Bazinga
    Norwich and Teesside? They encourage tourism here by stopping people leaving.
  • TeflonMan
    Vote with your feet. I have done exactly that in the case of Norwich. If I really do feel the urge of flying KLM, I go and lie down in a dark, quiet room for a while. Then, if it still doesn't go away, I book flights out of LCY (although, in fairness, both airports are about the same distance for me).
  • Nobby
    If I got charged an extra fiver without being told that there is this charge before buying the ticket, I would make sure I do at least £5 worth of damage. I had to pay 50p to use a toilet at a train station the other day, after I had gone through a ticket barrier (so people cannot not just wander off the street to use them, they must have a ticket). So I made sure that my shit missed the toilet. If I have to pay to use a fucking toilet, after paying for a ticket, then I am going to get my money's worth.
  • matt
    its the same in blackpool but its a tenner there - however they do give you free on airport parking for that
  • whoosh
    passenger numbers here have declined by 60% over the last 5 years and as it does not fly anywhere anymore what does it matter what they charge - I don't use it! and the 3 times a day Heathrow flights were stopped we live in Stockton and I can't remember the last time we were able to get a holiday flight from Teesside for years we have gone via Newcastle or Leeds
  • Claire
    Is that on top of their massive car parking fees? Jeez they should be trying to encourage passengers by getting extra flights rather than charging the few passengers who do use it! Peel Airports have run into the ground, a once thriving airport and it's really sad to see it go that way....my Dad used it for many years flying British Midland to Heathrow and we always used it for holidays but not any more, there are virtually no holiday flights from Teesside (sorry can't call it DTV sounds like a medical condition) so your only option is Newcastle or Leeds Bradford. Whoever is responsible for the shambles Teesside now is, ought to hang their head in shame!
  • kev
    is Peel Airports secretly owned by Mr O'Leary?
  • Slacker
    £6 to use a Mickey Mouse bag-of-shite airport that doesn't go anywhere anyway? That's a nailed-on certainty to increase passenger numbers, I don't think. Fucking genius.
    Aye Slacker, spot on lad but no doubt that shite airport Newcastle will soon jump on the bandwagon, even tho we live 10 minutes from it we prefer to go to Manchester.
  • Kevin
    How many people actually use these airports though? You're not going to use them to fly off to New York or off to Dubai or Australia. Surely most people are close enough to a MAJOR airport, by public transport even (eg Norwich take the train to Stansted!) to not use them anyway?
  • Rich
    Oh look, something else for the government to tax, airport entry tax, there you are thought of a name for it! They should charge old people more, because they get in the way and walk to slow.
  • david c.
    I think its just miss management at the airport. For years the airport is declining as airlines are leaving it. I think if they could get a good network of flights i think the 900,000 passengers a year will be back. DTVA has at least 250,000+ possible passengers to use the Airport
  • Hunbelievable, B.
    [...] been tinkering with taxation. The recession has not been kind to the travel industry, hence lots of batshit crazy schemes that do little to endear them to equally strapped [...]
  • Rob
    Completely disagree about Newcastle, great regional airport and good range of flights, including Dubai direct. Don't know what that bloke is on about preferring Manchester, it's a three hour drive away. I do object to having to pay to drop someone off, however, bloody money-grabbing bastards.

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