Drunk American threatens to stab BA staff on flight

Bitterwallet - British AirwaysOf all the 'rages', air rage is the most understandable. For a kick-off, you've got the stress of hurtling through the sky in a metal penis with wings which, if it crashes, will almost certainly see you dying in a fireball hell.

Add to this, the screaming children, your ears turning inside-out at the air pressure, the overpriced tat being forced down your throat, people's smelly feet, the lack of leg room, the hell of having been stuck in an airport prior to boarding, people x-raying your genitals in security, those stupid announcements, stag and hen do's whooping at your while you weep at the turbulence... and worst of all, the grinning, patronising cabin crew who offer you scratchcards while ignoring your complaints about the tall-man behind you with his knees in your spine.

So it isn't surprising at all that a drunk American businessman has been charged with assault after allegedly threatening to stab British Airways staff during a bout of air rage at 30,000 feet on a flight to Britain.

Poor ol' Tim Bradley snapped and began to hurl abuse at fellow passengers and spat at crew after he was refused more booze on the flight to Heathrow. Apparently, Tim got hammered on wine and beer before being refused more burp pop, which of course, saw him flaring up brandishing a bit of glass “ready to attack crew”.

An eye-witness says: "He was shouting at customers and crew, swearing, stumbling about the cabin. His swearing got louder and he was swearing at the manager of the crew. He pushed him in the galley and wanted to know why he was refused more wine."

"When he got back to his seat I could see him holding the broken glass in his hand. He was saying to people around him, 'Why have I f******* been picked? I'll stab the pilots if they want.'"


He was of course, arrested on the tarmac after Flight 288 landed and was charged with being drunk on an aircraft and common assault.


  • Rumplestiltskin
    I got pushed in the galley once - I've still got the bruises to prove it.
  • PokeHerPete
    Yes, I find the Tate Modern has alot of sharp corners.
  • Nick T.
    BA's complimentary red never was up to much, I'm surprised he got pissed at all.
  • oliverreed
    Anyone else ever notice that when the smiling assassins (aka trolley dollys) walk through from the compartment in front of you they immediately don a daft inane corporate grin and stare obsessively at the curtain through to the next compartment not making any eye contact and pretending not to hear passengers requests?
  • Greggo
    @ oliverreed I've never been outright ignored by steward(esse)s, but I do remember flying Easyjet where they were polite but firm. While everyone was silently listening/watching the safety dance before takeoff, a daft woman was hen-pecking her family loudly. The hostess leant over to her seat and made an almighty clap right in her face and stared daggers at her. A small cheer followed from the back of the plane.
  • biggeoffc
    We came back from Nice last night on BA0355. I pressed the call bell and it took 14 minutes for the haughty older stewardess to respond. BA can go fly, I'll use another carrier.
  • Jolyon B.
    For once its not a Jock pissed on a plane threatening to fight the world!
  • cheap k.
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