Don't laugh, but National Passenger Survey says 'rail satisfaction at record high'

According to the National Passenger Survey, the number of satisfied train passengers is at a record high. Can you believe that? The same Passenger Focus survey also points out that fewer than half of people think ticket prices are worth the money.

Of more than 31,000 travellers spoken to, 85% were very satisfied with rail travel. These people obviously don't end up on the hot, expensive, crowded and late trains the rest of us catch.

47% were satisfied with their ticket's value for money, which remarkably, is up from 46% the year before.

Anthony Smith, chief executive officer for Passenger Focus, said that while "things are moving in the right direction" more needed to be done to improve rail services. There are some trains that are very crowded, there are some routes that are very crowded that are desperately crying out for more investment in terms of more trains and longer trains."

"Quite a bit of that is in the pipeline and it will come at some point in the future. This is an average picture, it doesn't reflect every single passenger's experience but I think it does show the industry is starting to broadly move in the right direction."

He continued: "We've had years now of above-inflation fare rises. We've now got a government promise to row these fare rises back so that they're pegged at inflation only. The sooner that promise becomes a reality the better."

The lowest ratings for overall satisfaction were given to Northern Rail, First Capital Connect and Southern while the highest satisfaction scores were landed by Grand Central, First Hull Trains and Heathrow Connect.


  • Sicknote
    Yes, chuffed as fuck am I. I can't wait to get on my late & over crowded train to London.
  • Joe B.
    Quit your moaning. Yet again my train to London this morning was on time, and again these evening back home. And there was no problem getting a seat in both directions.
  • The D.
    Joe Bloggs is obviously a cunt
  • jokester
    LMFAO. They must have made those figures up!
  • Jerec
    I'll admit, my Southeastern trains have had fewer cancellations then I recall for a while, although the Snow brought some chaos, its mainly the shitty train stations and Signals that cause the biggest issues. As for the prices, they are too high.
  • Soapdish
    Greater Anglia have been appaling and they can claim 95% off trains run on time, but they are nearly always late. Cancelled my train twice last week. One after being sat on it for 35 minutes. But its ok, I've claimed for my refunds
  • Fat H.
    How the fuck can 47% think they're getting value for money?

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