Don't joke about having Ebola on a plane

ebola plane If you joke that you have Ebola while on a plane, you can expect it to cause a load of bother for you and everyone else.

However, that didn't stop one bloke doing exactly that one an American flight who reportedly said: "I have Ebola, you are all screwed."


Of course, as soon as the plane landed, it all got a bit E.T. with officials in science suits boarding the aircraft and removing the joker. Thanks to people with mobile phones, someone caught a nice video of it all, including the air hostess calling the man "an idiot."

As the man makes his way off the plane, you can hear him say: "I was just kidding... I ain't from Africa." Tough cheese. And little reward for the poor buggers who had to sit on the plane for two hours while medical teams ran tests and evaluations on Mr Backfired Joke.

You want to see the video don't you?


  • Charlie
    Not the CDA!!! Was the guy called George Sanderson by any chance?
  • Casino B.
    3min 35 sec.....Im not an expert, but I would have thought those suits are pretty redundant if you dont do the zip up ?
  • Lee
    The hazmat suits are pointless anyway, Ebola isn't airborne

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