Don't eat peanuts on BA flights

Bitterwallet - British Airways Is there nothing you like more than rolling some nuts around your mouth when you're sat on a plane? Well, apparently, British Airways are asking passengers to stop doing that, if you're sat net to someone with a peanut allergy.

That's the plan it seems, making BA the first major airline to do such a thing.

This is according to the folks at Allergic Living, and it while you're still allowed to get your nuts out on one of British Airways' flights, it seems you're going to have to keep them concealed if you're next to someone who they might make ill.

A spokesman told the website: "We are updating our policy and, as an additional measure, our crew will also make an announcement on board to inform customers, and to ask those in the vicinity to refrain from eating nut products."

This will kick off on Thursday, February 18th.

BA already have a number of food allergy policies - they don't sell peanuts on their flights, or anything with peanuts in them, but they do serve food which might be made in a place that has peanuts in it (that's why, if you've got an allergy, you should definitely tell them before travelling). They also have seafood free options with their meals.

You can also opt for low-lactose specials, if dairy makes your arse go bubbly. If you're not into gluten, then again, you can request special meals from British Airways.

BA have said: "We do our best to accommodate the needs of all our customers, including those with food allergies. We do not serve peanuts as snacks, or include them in our meals and we do not sell peanuts on board our aircraft. We advise customers with peanut allergies to inform our cabin crew of their condition, and let them know if they are carrying emergency medication."

"We have now updated our policy and as an additional measure, our crew will also make an announcement on board to inform customers and to ask those in the vicinity to refrain from eating nut products. Customers can find more information on and are also able to contact British Airways’ passenger medical clearance unit for further individual advice."


  • Fagin
    Wishy-washy namby pamby bullshit. I'm "intolerant" to this sort of thing, it makes me likely to vomit & experience nausea & dizzyness related to others stupidity, please keep clear of me whilst I enjoy my nuts, lest the nausea I feel from your nut intolerence make me hack it up. just stop breathing now you tools! #kidgloves & #cottonwool required for you to see it through another day? I have allergies & reactions but FFS this is dumb & no way would I deem myself "special" enough to demand compliance of folk on a thin tube of flying metal or similar.
  • Nelly
    Fagin, I expect you are joking or trolling. However, if you do mean what you're saying - if someone dies as a result of your nut eating on a plane - I hope you get committed for life for murder. Please inform yourself about nut allergies - perhaps read some medical articles about anaphylaxis secondary to nut allergy and read the many newspaper reports of deaths due to nut allergy.
  • Nadia
    Are you for real Fagin, how insensitive of you, do you go around with your head in the sand, 2 people died on board aircrafts in 2015 over ignorant people igoring the fact that they were asked not to open anything with nuts, it is a matter of life and death to some people not an intolerance, and believe me they did not choose this way of life. I hope everything keeps fine for you and your loved ones and you don't ever need someone to put themselves out in anyway for you, as it sounds like you are not the nicest of people.
  • Bella72
    re : Fagin You sound like an absolute waste of oxygen. I have a 8 yr old child with a peanut allergy. Not intolerance unfortunately, cotton wool hasn't helped mores the pitty , nor gloves ;-( Whilst I wouldn't want you to miss out on your nuts , perhaps if you could just wait until you've landed it may avoid your aircraft having to be redirected to a random country as a result of an anaphylactic shock? And to clarify - I believe you are special - you are especially ignorant.
  • Willow77
    Dear Fagin Twenty years ago people thought it was unthinkable not to be allowed to smoke on an airplane. Nowadays is unthinkable to be allowed to smoke on a flight. As far as I know nobody has ever died for not being allowed to smoke on a flight. People have died because people ate nuts on a flight. One day, when you acquire some sense, sensibility and social awareness you will realise that those nuts can wait until you have disembarked.
  • Samantha
    Google the term anaphylaxis! LIFE THREATENING! Not an intolerance in my daughters case and extremely terrifying unlike the sound of what you go through you complete eejit! It's not a life choice!! We didnt wake up one day and say hey lifes to easy it's a constant battle of scanning everything you buy where you go and who with that you can trust your child's life with as well as reassuring your child when you are freaking out your self. The ignorance of people like you can't believe you function on a day to day basis
  • Fat H.
    AT FIRST I thought this was a complete joke by BA and I am aware of food allergies. HOWEVER it does make a lot of sense given the environment on a plane. Good call by BA. Well done!
  • Father J.
    And a big hello to all the foaming Mumsnet loonies who have joined us for the duration of this story!
  • Bex
    Unfortunately for BA, they have lost far too many customers over the fact that they are anaphylactic amateurs. If you are an allergic (and I mean allergic, and not just fussy!) then any Nuts carry allergic particles through the air - especially re circulated air. ALL nuts should be stopped on ALL flights to keep everyone safe. BA refused to put out an announcement for me last year, I refused to board my flight. I will NEVER again travel BA. However, LOTS of major airline are very accommodating - Ryan air, Easy jet, virgin - all fully up to speed on allergies. PS, for those who think allergies are in the mind, God hope none of your children suffer. (Fagin, don't choke on ya nuts darling!)
  • Father J.
    I'm with Fagin. From now on I shall only fly on airlines that offer complimentary peanuts.
  • oldtimer
    I remember back in the old days when nobody had silly little allergies to things. People need to teach their children to grow some bollocks (or a backbone if female)
  • fox f.
    Big pack of KP for me, those mumsnet lot can be a complete bunch of precious harpies. We all know that exposure from an early age actually assists build up a tolerence, ..I've just found I have a fucking awful intolerence of mumsnet type harpies who clearly are not capable of bringing up a child!" ..look at the bile & intolerence they spread ..evil women, I'll be wearing a rosary of roasted nuts & a cross carved out of walnutshells to ward ff their fowl stench. How hard is it to keep a pack of nuts away from a "sufferer" mild or otherwise, pretty easy actually. So how do these screaming ab dabbers deal with other forms of transport, by donning plague doctor outfits of leather & glass? NO they don't they also wander around the same public spaces & I don't see them dropping like flies.
  • Fagin
    Nelly like I said, I do have a minor allergy, my tongue, lips blew up, I didn't worry, i've not worried about it since nor did I have the screaming hee be jeebies, I got on with life & wait for something else to kick it off, not bother anyone with it, certainly not insist everyone bow down to me for being "sensitive" panicky madness ha, lifes rich tapestry! Nadia, really TWO whole people died!? fact based little wonder you! ..over how many flights, how many passengers etc, don't lay schlock at my door, substantiate, context is everything. How does that TWO relate to many other needless deaths in this world, from speeding, brain injury, choking on vomit after a night of excess, drowning etc etc. Wow! Bella, clearly you are completely fricking ignorant to expect a large plane of people to all do this for you, when you can actually take reasonable precautions yourself! control a kid in flight!? ..or upgrade, pay more to sit elsewhere, or book your own nut free plane, (sounds like you may be a nut on board regardless of occupancy) Get real, & tidy up your spelling please it sucks worse than a stale pistachio. Willow, do some more research, you are clearly new at this, smoking on planes, ..all that aviation fuel (for instance) or in relation to oxygen & a naked flame ..such as a cigarette. Thanks indeed. Samantha, ..clearly you are simply a "precious" mother with an outlook only for your offspring when there are many in the world, .when you pay for all the seats on a flight then perhaps you can make demands of the staff, till then STFU ..lest your child end up as harpylike & bulgy eyed as yourself. Bex again, I haven't but clearly I have a nut allergy down the line that I cannot work from the point of origin, I'm a capable grown up of dealing with it, why worry? If folk took sensible precautions rather than denying others of everything they felt they needed to curtail from oters lifestyles then you may as well join the presbytarian church of the 1920's when padlocks were placed across the roads on a sunday. F_cktards! Nut anyone!?
  • Fagin
    Forgot to say, Willow ..check out the air intake on a plane & tell me why we can smell fuel whilst in the cabin??! Or that old twat been smoking for his life, knackered body, on oxygen carting round a bottle of the stuff, still trying to puff away on a cigarette! #Itsonlysmellz
  • Germaine G.
    many items carry particulates, stop scare mongering please mumsnet invaders who comment before getting to grips with the background of bitterwallet.
  • Fagin
    If it's not a total ban then we can still bring our own nuts & peanut butter sandwiches on to eat for the duration, ...oh great that's fine then, if all the nut allergists wish to sit out on the wing or simply get another flight thats fine also. If they are going to enforce crap like this then I demand that the little nut allergen F**ker sitting behind me kicking my seat or being allowed to throw loud tantrums etc is disembarked at the nearest airport & his parents cough up the costs. unlikely to happen in the real world why don't the idiots who fail to realise what Bitterwallet is & how it is presented & has evolved over numerous years get a clue, call an AA man out to jump start their brain cells & see the cold day of light for a change!? (remove your rose tinted, PB&J smeared magic seeing eyes, ..or sod off back to spec savers to get an up to date prescription.
  • Fagin
    ...lest the seat kicking nut allergen twit choke in another manner at the hands of irate passengers. (it all comes down to passenger safety right)?
  • Germaine G.
    Now i'm really worried about the peanut bearing faecal matter particulates blowing round the plane from all that re-circulated air. Thanks ladies, you drongo's
  • William P.
    Fagin - Why round on another's spelling when you have misspelled "dizziness", "intolerance" and "Presbyterian"? If you must come the little Zoilist then I would suggest you look to yourself first. Heaven forfend your appearing to be a small minded idiot!
  • Fagin
    Nah, just speed typing errors based on nipping in, inputting "words n' that" then pressing send, then realising that in my haste to beat the clock & exist in the real world no going back to read over & correct, ..thus doomed to some erroneous type for all eternity in certain knowledge that my damned clumsy fingers & head injury that plays "monkey bum" with letters on the keyboard by randomly pressing on keys that my semi-frozen fingers drag themselves across & bump into making me spell as normally as a truck load of furious mumsnet wimmin Seems that even with a big bloody brain injury I can still function better than many though, not bad considering i'm from ye olde Englande & another technological era. perfection is to aspire to eh!? ;)
  • Father J.
    @William heaven forfend your appearing to be an over-verbose, pointless twonk. Now shuffle off back to Mumsnet with the rest of the self-obsessed mouth-breathers if you please.
  • William P.
    Father Jack - Did I say I disagreed with Fagin's opinion? He certainly seems less rude and ignorant than you - and without a chip to bear on his shoulder. Some of us live and learn. (BTW I've never seen mumsnet.) Fagin - you may enjoy this cryptic clue, by the great Arachne:- "Skinny-dipping feminists (6)" Answer: Wimmin [{s}wimmin{g} - geddit?]
  • Father J.
    Did I say I disagreed with Fagin’s opinion?" Did I say you did? I merely objected to your tiresome pedantry. "rude and ignorant" Those are two of my best qualities.

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