Don't be scared of flying - join Steve Allright's posse instead

Are you afeared of flying? Worry no more – if you actually manage to haul your quivering carcass up the steps and on to a BA plane, there’ll soon be an inflight video for you to watch that will calm your nerves and make the whole thing seem like a picnic.

Here’s a preview of it and it's delightfully soporific. It’s hosted by smooth BA pilot Captain Steve Allright. Be still, everything’s going to be Allright. Everything’s going to be Allright….


  • Sicknote
    Ah, I feel all warm and cosy now. Maybe next time I want to scream at the BA stewardess for not bringing me my meal fast enough I'll exercise some self restraint.
  • Jabba
    Never trust a sober pilot..
  • JD64
    Would love to see the equivilent video from Ryanair.
  • Lemmywinks
    @JD64 Whale oil beef hooked.

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