Donating to charities is a trifling affair

It could often be said that charity - like the Lord, David Copperfield and the one-way system in Wrexham - moves in mysterious ways. That's certainly the case for China Grill restaurant and bars.

While we might think of supporting relief efforts in Japan by making donations direct to the Red Cross, the US chain is suggesting that patrons think with their stomachs instead:

Bitterwallet - Desserts for Disaster Relief

As avid Bitterwallet Rene says: "Eat an extraordinarily expensive delicious dessert and feel like you’re helping the good people of Japan with no water or electricity. Even worse, the 50% contribution will still be less than the service charge for dinner."

Ah, just imagine the look on the face of that dispirited, despairing Japanese widower, both her family and her home lost to the devastation, when the valiant efforts of some fanny-packing salad dodger fails to make any meaningful impact on her life. A more generous offer of marketing thinly-veiled as charity, you cannot imagine. God bless America, always thinking with its stomach. At least they now have an excuse for being morbidly obese.

For earlier efforts of selfless self-promotion in the name of world disaster, see here.

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  • Ben
    For fecks sake, Bitterwallet on the negative again. Again, a generous offer from a company. Where as before they were donating £0 to Japan, now they are donating half of what their desserts cost. People are not going to go there with donating in mind. They are going to eat a dessert. They could do nothing, but they are not. Grow up, nerds.

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