(Discounted) hotel rooms! Celebrate!

The Office of Fair Trading has managed to secure online hotel bookers a nice little deal, after 2 online travel agents agreed to offer discounts on room rates – following their investigation into competition practices. The deal involves Booking.com and Expedia, alongside Intercontinental Hotels.

Hotel sign

However, there are 2 things you need to know first before you dive in and book that dirty weekend in Paris. First you need to have signed up to booking.com and Expedia, (or Intercontinental Hotels) and you will need to have booked one UNDISCOUNTED hotel room before you can be part of the scheme.

After that, you will be eligible for discounts. Hurray!

The move comes after the OFT investigated Expedia and Booking.com for entering into separate deals with Intercontinental Hotels, which restricted their ability to discount room only rates.

Said Ann Pope from the OFT: 'The travel industry, fuelled by the internet, has seen significant changes in recent years, and we want to ensure those changes continue to work in consumers' interests.
That is why we are pleased to have secured this outcome which, by allowing online travel agents and hotels to offer discounts, which should increase competition and mean travellers across Europe can benefit from reductions on hotel accommodation throughout the UK.’

Yeah, yeah, whatever. We can't hear you over the sound of going on holiday.


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  • Dorian
    Not so quick... This ruling was for those 3 companies but is designed for the rest of the industry to follow. If that happens, all travel agents and hotels will charge exactly the same price for first time bookings and only then will you be able to get a discount. In other words, there will be no easy way to compare prices from one site to another.

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