Dirty hotels, dirty tricks? TripAdvisor guide under fire

Most people I know will glance at TripAdvisor before booking a hotel, but they won't treat it as gospel. That said, if TripAdvisor goes so far as to promote a guide to the filthiest hotels in the world, travellers are going to sit up and take notice. And it won't just be those checking in who are curious.

Bitterwallet - Dirtiest Hotels 2010
So it's unsurprising to learn there's already talk of hotels suing TripAdvisor for its 2010 Dirtiest Hotels list, which gives the lowdown on the shoddiest shacks around the the world. According to the Independent:

"At least one of the hotels named on the list said it was considering legal action against TripAdvisor, claiming the comments were based on out-dated observations made before a major refurbishment. Another London hotelier included on the list, who asked not to be identified, said he had received cancellations since being named."

It's not as if TripAdvisor could have feigned surprise when hoteliers took exception; there have been numerous claims that fake reviews are passing by both their automated and manuals checks and balances - not only are some companies offering a paid service to to post fake reviews, but TripAdivisor has flagged the issue themselves.


  • Nobby
    The Grosvenor Hotel in Blackpool is apparently Europe's worst hotel. Surely they should be using that as a marketting ploy? Come and stay in Europe's worst hotel ... http://www.tripadvisor.com/DirtyHotels-g4 And it comes 537 of 651 places in Blackpool. I dread to think what the 100+ B&Bs that score lower are like.
  • Nobby
    My mistake, the others are just not rated. Still, there are two that are lower ...
  • Kevin
    if you have photos that's a fairly good indication of problems. That's what I do. Generally fake entries are easy to tell apart. No involvement with the forums being another reason to think its fake. Saying that the way they rate hotels is very odd!
  • Phil N.
    Typical of TripAdvisor annual brickbats: Europe's dirtiest hotels - 8 out of 10 in Britain? Bollocks. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246650/Fawlty-Towers-eat-heart-Robert-Hardman-checks-worst-hotel-Europe.html
  • dirty h.
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