Deathwatch: The Sky's fallen in for stranded fliers

Another small-time, big-talking airline has gone to the wall, potentially leaving thousands of customers out of pocket. This time it’s Sky Europe, who could probably do with a speck of Rupert Murdoch’s gazillions even though they have no affiliation with the grumpy Aussie’s media empire.

The Slovakia-based airline operate out of Luton and Manchester and have filed for bankruptcy and suspended all their operations, warning passengers who booked directly that there may be no refund for them.

Credit card customers who shelled out more than £100 should be protected however, and are advised to get in touch with their card issuer. Holidaymakers who were due to fly with Sky Europe as part of a package deal should wave their fists in the direction of Atol.

It’s shocking stuff and makes us wonder if the world’s oldest dog died not of old age but from being sickened to his guts at the actions of this disgraceful airline.


  • TV's B.
    Anyone using a pissy little airline called "Sky Europe" should have known better. It screams cheap, and guess what - it is(Was)
  • Lol R.
    it's ok tho, the sky marshall has stepped in for the "rescue" enjoy ripping this to pieces BW!
  • Ryanair B.
    [...] and offers to help the stranded holiday makers. Yes, three cheers for Ryanair! Within a day of Sky Europe going to the wall and suspending all European flights, Sky Marshall O’Leary has announced the €25 Skyeurope Rescue [...]
  • Paul S.
    Cheers for the tip, Lol :)
  • TV's (.
    It may be a "pissy little airline" but it was the only way of getting to certain destinations such in central and eastern Slovakia. Now we are left to full into the clutches of the Sky Marshall.

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