Deathwatch: Nintendo RIP?

deathwatch Okay, so maybe we’re exaggerating a bit there, but the Japanese game giants are in a sticky patch and no mistake, after announcing a net loss of 70.3bn yen (£579m) in the past six months – their first ever loss.

It’s all being blamed on the fairly disastrous birth of the Nintendo 3DS, which hasn’t exactly set the world alight and had a pretty hasty price cut a few months after it was launched. The sharp rise in the value of the yen is also being blamed, although you can blame pretty much anything on that these days.


Although we’re pretty certain that Nintendo isn’t going to evaporate before our very eyes, everything sort of now hinges on the success of the Wii U, the forthcoming console sequel. If that’s a flop as well, where will Nintendo go next?

Do people still even want to fork out on handheld consoles and spend around £25 per game when they can do more or less the same on their smartphones and pay only 69p? Just what was the last truly classic Wii game? When will Mario and Luigi be eligible for their old age pensions? Your thoughts?


  • Stan L.
    Smart phone and tablet games are shite for anything more complex than firing birds at things, Fact.
  • oliverreed
    @Stan some of the touch screen smart devices have awesome full games on them these days, look again you'll be surprised. The Ninty Wii - everyone's favourite under TV dust gatherer, Kinect and Move must have killed this off by now surely?
  • kv
    the 3ds was doomed to failure when they designed it that kids under 6 couldnt play it
  • catweazle
    God's way of telling em, don't try to ban NDS flash cards. you're only hurting yourselves.
  • JD64
    I have an JB iPad with a SNES emulator. Using Bluetooth I have connected a Wii Classic controller (through a Wii mote) and HDMI out to a 40 inch TV. All my SNES games are beatifully upscaled plus I can play with a comfortable controller. Nintendo should be all over this. I think people would happily pay (I know I would) for ports of the old gaming back catalogues. Secondly Nintendo could then use this as their gaming platform for future developments without the hardware costs/ risks they are currently experiencing. Sadly in many of these old school Japanese companies they somehow see it as 'losing face' and as such will avoid the inevitable until it almost pushes the company over the brink. I hope they realise sooner rather than later before a generation leaves Ninendo behind.
  • Stan L.
    @ oliverreed I've got a few oliver for a tablet (won't say which one in case a fight starts) and they do look great,but controlling them can be a nightmare with the virtual joystick thingy etc. The driving games like Need For Speed etc are quite good ,but maybe that's because there's not a lot of controlling to be done apart from moving the tablet/ phone.
  • Tee
    I live in Japan and Nintendo could make poo with Mario on it and it would sell here.
  • No.6
    Nintendo are absolutely nowhere near facing extinction in upcoming future. They have made profit every year since entering the video game industry in 1981. Overall making a $32 Billon in the process. The Wii was a major factor in Nintendo making a profit of $4.2 billion in 2008 and $5.5 billion in following year. There should be more worry of either Sony or Microsoft abandoning the Gaming industry really. Even with Microsoft recent profits, they still have got an overall deficit of $6.7 billion from the failure of the Xbox and the early trouble they had with Xbox 360 to earn back. Sony even with the massive success with the Ps1 and Ps2 still never really made that much money. Add to that the money they lost on ps3, they end up only making an overall profit of $1.2 billion overall since entering the industry.
  • tin
    I'm so very very glad that MS have made a huge stinking loss from trying to buy the industry. I just hope soon they get the idea that they're better off doing something else - like making a huge stinking loss from trying to buy the phone industry.
  • Mark C.
    While there's nothing at all wrong with sticking the boot into Microsoft on a regular basis, you can't really accuse them of trying to buy the games industry without pointing out that Sony had done the same thing first with the PS1. They're also not unfamiliar with making a huge stinking loss in the phone industry...
  • Nintendo D.
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