Breaking news - Globespan in adminstration, 5,000 stranded

Bitterwallet - GlobespanYet more proof that airlines and recessions rarely make good bedfellows (BA staff, take note), Globespan has gone into administration this afternoon.

According to website TTG, flights that had already departed this evening will be grounded on arrival at their destinations, while all flights scheduled for tomorrow morning will not take off. In the last five minutes the website has been shut down, replaced by an notice from administrators.

It's reported up to 5,000 holidaymakers will be stranded abroad by the collapse of the budget airline, which had bases at five airports in the UK and Ireland and flew to 17 destinations - most of which where in mainland Europe but also included Florida. PricewaterhouseCoopers are laughing al the way to the bank once more as they handle administration duties.


    Ha ha to all those stuck!!!
    Why didn't you like my posts? If we are happy to laugh at the companies going bust, we should be happy to laugh at the customers who picked the wrong airline! Haa haa!
  • caz
    Why are we laughing at anybody, not the companies that have gone bust or the people that are stranded, what a stupid thing to say, they didnt know they had picked an airline that was going to go bust, grow up
    caz: I don't care - I'm still looking forward to seeing the usual dossers on TV crying on about how terrible it all is. Comedy gold!
  • Shooter M.
    Last minute Christmas bargains! I've always wanted my own passenger jet.
  • simone86
    TVDBP you are a total loser my sister worked for Globespan and is now out out of a job a week before Christmas, I suppose you find that funny too? HILARIOUS!
    ^^^^ LOLOLOLOL @ simone86 and his/her sister too!!!! LOLOLOLATHON.
  • simone86
    Not going to rise to the bait - your obviously just a bit weird and lonely and like hiding behind a computer screen to make up for your shortcomings - I really hope your not effected by something like this in your future - peace
    Not going to rise to the bait... You already have. Muwahhahahahahahah lol @ Shooter McGavin btw
  • andy y.
    Nah this is just trolling TVDBP. The modus operandi at BW is being cynical,dry sacastic and generally loaded with schaudenfraude. You just laughing at a crash crash with blood everywhere.,
  • andy y.
    I really should proof check before I post
    Don't worry andy i got the drift... and yes thats what I'm doing (laughing at the train wreck etc), but what can you do when something is THIS funny?
  • bpdunc
    What I would love to see now is for all those greedy BA cabin crew pricks who will be striking next week to suddenly find themselves out of their jobs, i'm sure there are plenty of Globespan cabin crew, who most likely don't earn nearly as their BA counterparts, who will be delighted to fill those jobs in a flash. Oh and @ TVLGBT, do us all a favour and quit being a complete cock.
  • simone86
    the guys at BA get paid more than double of the Globespan cabin crew - now if they lose their jobs you might see me getting all TVDBP on them! - this one's just a bit close to home and i know how hard those guys worked.
  • Kevin
    I've never heard of them.
  • mph2711
    TO TVDBP Sir, I have read your postings with interest and of those who have taken the trouble to respond to you. Whilst you may be airing your views (and let's face it, in a democracy that is totally acceptable) and articulating (poorly) how you feel about the failure of a company which brought more choice and therefore competition to the aviation market in Scotland, today can only be seen as a very sad day in an already severly pressured airline business. Let me expand. Firstly, Globespan offered around 600 additional seats EVERY day to the main destinations of choice in Europe. This meant many things to the market. Firstly, it forced the UK national carriers to sit up and take notice and adjust fares accordingly. It also meant that passengers had a choice of with whom and when they flew. Additionally, Globespan made major investments in route development and equipment. They (and not always successfully) tried to introduce services from HERE, Scotland, to places that previously were served by one operator thus having monopoly on pricing, timing etc........ Also, Globespan were among the first airlines in the world to express an interest in the brand spanking new Boeing 787. They operated a fleet of Boeing 737's that were pretty much just out of the wrapper. On long haul they operated the 767, procured from air new zealand and still only just over eight years old (nothing for an airliner) That surely shows that their management team had a vision that by investing in the future they would be well placed to serve and continue to serve the people of Scotland. And finally, and most importantly, in my view, Globespan were seen as an excellent entry point into the industry for many cabin crew, many of whom frequently went on to serve bigger and more prosperous ailines having gained an excellent foundation HERE in Scotland. Now, unfortunately those in the employment of Globespan are indeed redundant with little hope of employment before Christmas. So to conclude sir, when simone86 said that you are obviously a bit weird and enjoy putting anonymous messages on meaningless forums and ridiculing and mocking those affected by this most recent collapse of a company that was trying to serve people, I have to agree. Let me ask you some questions; Do you ever go abroad on holiday? Do you know anything about the dymanics of the airline business? Do you understand forces of supply and demand and what that can do to us, the consumer? Have you ever been affected by redundancy? Have you ever bought or booked a product or service only to be told later that you won't be getting it? So, my advice to you is, don't post mindless ill considered and totally inappropriate drivel. Get out more. Switch of your computer once in a while. Keep your stupid moronic and selfish opinions to yourself. Merry Christmas and may God bless you.
  • MOL
    go fly ryanair!!!!
  • Captain K.
    Well, I fly for (or did to be more exact) Flyglobespan so should know – the culmination of working for 20 years in two-bit local radio to fund extortionately priced flying lessons, so yes I am just a little cheesed-off.
  • mph2711
    Don't worry Captain Kev, you'll get work somewhere else and soon I hope. Were you on the 73's?
  • Jane
    My daughter works as cabin crew for globespan and is currently stuck in Egypt trying to get home. She was sent there to work this morning when management knew that the company was going under!! She now has to pay for her own flight home - disgusting!!
    ^ LOL @ that.
  • Jane
    tvdbp - you are a muppet.
  • Captain K.
    Thank you for your kind words, mph2711. Hopefully things will turn out OK, but with the state of commercial aviation at the moment I won't be holding my breath - strange how things turn out. Ah well, back to the drawing board. And yes, I was on the 737s. Sorry to here about your daughter, Jane. I wish her all the best, Tell her Captain Kev was asking for her.
  • TQ
    I appreciate everybody is entitled to their own opinion but really is that neccessary TVDBP, sorry to all of you affected by this, hopefully something better will come your way, also Jane I hope your daughter gets home safe.
  • Jane
    Thanks TQ so do I! Pretty stressed about the whole situation! Thanks Captain Kev I'll pass your best wishes onto her. She may well have worked alongside you. Hope things work out well for you too. Take care!
  • Laura
    tvdbp what a fucking prick you are. Honestly people like you should be put down. I worked for flyglobespan, thankfully I left a few months ago, but all my friends who work there have lost their jobs a week before christmas and wont get paid, merry fucking christmas eh? I can only hope your never in a position like that, because you know what - it would be pure "comedy gold" what goes around comes around. What about all the poor crew who are stranded abroad and have to pay for their own flights home? I happen to know for a fact that directors personally were extremely upset about the decision, this isnt something thats taken lightly and Im sure if it could have been avoided it would have been avoided. My thoughs go out to all the crew and passengers, I hope they get home safe soon. Your a total dickhead.
  • Geoff
    TVDBP has gone to bed. Mummy told him he had to be a good boy and school doesn't finish till Friday, but if he's a good boy Santa might bring him a Go Go Hamster. Preferably the contaminated one.
  • karen
    my daughter works for alba nows shes out of a job aweek before christmas how ad
  • karen
    oops sad
  • terminator
    tvdbp.........hope you have a nice xmas , revelling in other peoples misfortunes......hope you get a nice cancer.....!
  • karen
    you should be reported you must be about 12
  • karen
    not you terminator
  • Craig
    tvdbp - you probably won't know what that situation is like as you're obviously a complete waster. If you do have a job, with a bit of luck, your P45 will be waiting for you tomorrow. As for Kevin, are you living in a bubble?
  • joe
    my neice is stuck in saudi as cabin crew and had no idea what was going on so people laughing at people stuck out there SHOULDNT !!! she is so gutted at what has happened !
  • jim t.
    one good think about globespan going bust. is that bigoted celtic fans will not be going to vienna tomorrow from glasgow airport. g.i.r.u.y . feel sorry for the people losing their jobs .
  • Peter S.
    This shower of sh1te had it coming to them - good riddance!
  • peter
    The bloke out of Iron Maiden is on his way.
  • Neil
    I would like to offer my thoughts and good wishes to all affected by this sad news. Life does have a habit of sorting itself out, all the best. Everyone should have ignored That Very Dull Boring Plonker, he/she is probably just a pathetic crack head sitting in a damp bed-sit somewhere, devoid of people that give a shit about him/her. That's the impression I get anyway.
  • AnneH
    Maybe you that is a loonie can explain to 2 wee kids why they probably won't be going on holiday and ruining a family's christmas? Also what about those poor staff loosing their jobs?? GET A LIFE LOSER!!!
  • Anna
    800 people out of a job with mortgages to pay, children that are now going to have an uncertain time trying to figure out why at Christmas their mums and dads are so upset. People stranded, unable to see their loved ones, how anyone can call this "comedy gold" is shocking. Some things are jokes, but this isn't. Real people, real lives. British Airways cabins staff take note. A business isn't a charity, your pilots have taken a pay cut and you need to either do the same, change your job or see the real possibility after a 400 million pound loss this year, that British Airways may too go into administration. Don't help it go that way by your strike action.
  • J
    I am ex GSM Crew and my heart goes out to all those who have lost their jobs and are stranded all over the world, especially at this time of year. In true Globespan style those who really matter - the flightdeck and crew- are left in the dark having to rely on Facebook updates and local news to find out what is going on. So, so sad. I know alot of people had bad experiences flying with GSM however all the staff and crew made the company what it was. Good luck to you all in the future.
    I'd just like to thank all my fans and say: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I thank you.
  • John V.
    Firstly the guy at the start TVDTP, your views while allowed in a democratic society are quite simply sick. Nobody and I include Airline, holidaymaker or airline worker deservce this. THink of the airline staff that are unlikely to get paid even from a government run compensation scheme. My prayers are with them at the moment. I could not manage this Christmas if I suddently lost my December salary. Secondly there must be a regulator that knows the state of any finances for these compnaies. I don't believe money ran out yesterday so goodbye and close the doors. This should be monitored and where liquidity can not be confirmed then agencies shoulld with draw their operating licence long before it gets to this stage. Finally the sooner that airline's realise the market share that Easyjet and Ryanair have and their profits are something they ALL need to look at. They are doing something right. Are they not ? So come on no laughing, lets just think about people less fortunate this Christmas time.
  • magicman
    TVDBP You are a sad individual that laughs in the face of other peoples missfortune. I am a great believer in what goes around comes around. This Xmas I truly beleive that missfortune will come your way. Maybe the closest member of your family will become gravely ill. Be sure to let us know so we can all have a laugh at you. I don't want anything to happen to you, what I will pray and hope for is that YOU suffer greatly for your insensitive views by missfortune coming to the closest people to you. You have a nice day I'm away to church to pray you have the worst year of your life.
  • John V.
    Come on folks,,, Its Christmas. TVDBP is some retarded person just looking to cause and stir up comments. I have one last comment for him SAD
    LOL. The funniest replies are the ones that start with good intentions and end with "hope you get cancer" or "a family member becomes gravely ill". Not that I give a shit about what people on the net say (a mantle you all should follow), but its a bit hypocritical no? PS: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH
  • irish#1
    this tvdbp guyis quite the ticket, { a dickhead as we say in ireland} i work in travel industry and have to say this is a blow to scottish travel, really dissapointed for this company who were highly competitive in the industry, this f***ed up dick has really got under my skin and i am fuming at his sick messed up comments, i hope you have the worst xmas ever you dick.. and that you have worst holiday experience going forward from now.. who nows maybe you have flights booked with easyjet and BA NEVER KNOW WHO COMES NEXT- HERES TO YOU SICK PRICK TVDBP SAD ,PATETIC LOW-LIFE WHO WILL HAVE HIS CARCASS NAILED TO A FENCE
  • The B.
    Come on people, don't you recognise a troll when you see one? TVDBP is out to get a rise out of you and all you're doing is adding fuel to his ego, ignore him and he'll go back to his x-box soon enough.
  • Nobby
    The passengers can just claim on their travel insurance so no big deal for them.
  • Santa C.
    TVDBP tut tut tut, you have been such a good boy this year, and now this, unfortunately i am going to have to strike you off the "good" list and im afraid you wont be getting anything for christmas. But look at it this way, those poor f**kers who used to work at Globescan wont be getting anything either HAHAHA, em sorry i meant HOHOHO!!! Merry Christmas everybody!
  • James
    TVDBP has time for only a few things in life. Frantically wanking in his mum's underwear, being bullied and trying to get revenge by posting inflammatory comments on websites hoping to get others to feel as bad as he does inside. Don't be angry at him, nothing you can say will make him feel any worse than looking in the mirror already does.
  • CID
    Message to the site moderator. Please send us logged IP details for TVDBP we will then deal with under Section 55a. incitement: Web.
  • James
    Can't see it somehow.
  • Nobby
    Impersonation of a police officer. Naughty naughty.
  • Warwick H.
    Lot of sick people are now residing on these forums, time for a moderator to get rid of the half a brain cell scumbags. the rest of their brains slid down their mothers arse. PM me and I will explain that to you.
  • magicman
    TVDBP Got to you that one didn't it hehehehe It will happen. Merry Christmas :-)
    Actaully BW wouldn't approve my reply - posted this morning, without any swearing. Think they've bottled it - not me. I wondered why Strathclyde police were using comment boards to get results, and compared them to TV's Paradox. I don't get pre-modded here, but at work I'm blacklisted :( Sorry to disappoint. oh and hahahahahahha
  • James
    You have been blacklisted at work? That is quite something when you look at some of the posts that have been on this site. You might be a total cock but that is some good work right there.
    James, It's from the early days when my sole aim here was to comment the words "Paul Smith is a cunt" over and over. I've since realised he isn't actually that much of a cunt, and seems quite a decent bloke. However, for some reason they won't take me off pre-mod, and then never actually bother to moderate :P
    • Andy D.
      @TVDBP - we think you're a decent bloke too but we put you back on pre-mod a couple of days ago when you turned into some kind of manic troll over the collapse of Globespan. It got a bit boring to be honest. Happy Christmas.
  • KD
    Anyone know of people still stranded? jane did your daughter get back?
    @Andy. Fair play, I can take constructive criticism. I fancied a bit of a game tis all. I had my fun but admittedly it did drag on too long. Peace. PS: Please don't allow Paul to see the post above. Cheers.
  • Place B.
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