Deal Klaxon: Free taxi rides? In That London? Blimey!

315233 Sounds implausible but it’s true. If you’re in London this week, and you spot a black cab that has been daubed in Nokia Lumia branding, hail it and it’ll take you somewhere in the capital for no pence whatsoever.

As spotted by HotUKDeals member lewymd, It’s all part of ‘Social Media Week’ (*clicks on ‘like’*) and Nokia have paid for the whole thing, so if you’re lucky enough to spot one of the cabs, jump in and get a free trip. Perhaps as word gets around, you might even see people brawling in the middle of the road as they try to get in one of the Lumia cabs.

As for how many there are, we’ve got no idea. What do you think we are – Wikipedia?


  • Mustapha S.
    And when the taxi driver takes you down a quiet back street and forces himself upon you. at least you'll find some comfort in the fact you've saved £20, as you sit crying in the gutter.
  • A T.
    Sounds like the voice of experience.
  • Dick
    If you spot one, get it and ask him to take you to the other side of the city. When you get there, ask to go back again. Repeat until bored.
  • Phil76
    "What do you think we are – Wikipedia?" God help any student who cut and pastes your articles into their essays
  • ElBuc
    I saw this cab and got a 45 minute free ride earlier this evening!! There is only one and the driver is a really nice fella :) find out where he is by checking out #nokiaconnect on twitter. It's to do with Social Media Week and he'll be outside their events.

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