Deal Klaxon: 30% off a cruise - but only if you've just been rescued from that other one

0119-costa-Concordia-italians-sinking-leadership_full_600 They’re still recovering bodies from the wreck of the Costa Concordia but for those survivors who have been accounted for, the great news is that they’re being offered a 30% discount off the price of a future cruise.

Yes, it might sound like a crass, tasteless piece of news, almost worthy of Ryanair, but it’s true. Passengers are also reportedly being called by Costa Cruises and asked if they are suffering from flashbacks and nightmares. Additionally, passengers are being told how they can claim compensation for missing valuables as well as a full refund, in what could be seen to be an attempt to stave off larger lawsuits at a later date.

If you’d been on the Costa Concordia, would you travel with the company again? Or would you take them up on their offer, regarding yourself as disaster-proof under the ‘lightning doesn’t strike twice’ rule? Tough one…


  • br04dyz
    Is this like "we managed to save 70% of the passengers, so we're passing the other 30% on to YOU"?
  • Dick
    Bargain. I'm surprised they aren't extending it to everyone though. I'm sure their bookings will be down.
  • Mike H.
    "Price drop! We will deduct 1% from your next cruise for every dead passenger we find! Everyone's a winner baby!"* *Apart from those found dead.
  • james d.
    Hold on, are they also being offered a refund of the cost of the cruise they paid for?
  • james d.
    My research says that yes, yes they are. Still quite insulting but at least report the facts accurately and stop this daily mail style journalism.
  • Mad H.
    @james dewitt - did your research consist of reading the 2nd paragraph of the article above?
  • Dick
    My research also involves reading more than the headline and first paragraph.
  • james d.
    Hmm, I must have missed that part somehow. Or did Andy just sneak that in there after my comment to make me look foolish.
  • Capability B.
    They were going to offer free copies of some Kate Winslet/Leonardo di Caprio film, but decided against it for some reason.
  • Andy D.
    Nicely spotted james. You have won a BitterWallet star prize for catching me out.
  • passenger 5.
    After reading this I asked costa to book me tickets and put them to one side for me
  • Costa F.
    [...] Costa Concordia Deal Klaxon: 30% off a cruise – but only if you’ve just been rescued from that other one... [...]

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