Deal! Deal! Deal! Air NZ price drop to Hong Kong

Air New Zealand are currently trying something straight out of Price Drop TV. But with planes instead of vegetable steamers.

If you're keen to travel from London to Hong Kong between the end of May and mid-June, have a look at They've a set number of seats to sell on the route - currently prices are £180 one way and a cracking £310 return per person, including taxes.

However, the prices drop every hour until the seats sell out, which means at some point you could bag yourself a stupid bargain, but you'll be fighting everyone else for it too.  The site suggests that once you choose an offer, select 'show prices across a week' to quickly find the dates on which those fares are available.

It's 11am now, and there are 47 seats return and 117 one-way. The offer runs until 6pm or until all the seats are gone - whichever happens first. Good luck!

UPDATE at 1120: London to Hong Kong return is now £290 return - 117 seats available

UPDATE at 1207: London to Hong Kong return is now £260 return - 116 seats available

UPDATE at 1321: London to Hong Kong return is now £240 return - 114 seats available

UPDATE at 1415: London to Hong Kong return is now £210 return - 111 seats available

UPDATE at 1536: London to Hong Kong return is now £200 return - 99 seats available

UPDATE at 1656: London to Hong Kong return is now £170 return - 13 seats available

UPDATE at 1709: London to Hong Kong return is now £150 return - 2 seats available


  • SJT
    That's an awesome price! Very tempted to try and wangle some time off and have a jolly to Hong Kong, just because I can!
  • SJT
    I'M GOING TO HONG KONG! 1 week, £170 rtn! bonza!
  • Single F.
    Snap, see you there!
  • Boon
    saw the deal in the early afternoon, but had to go for a meeting... got back at around 4, and was excited when the price was around £150! But alas the only availability was a Sunday to Tuesday, or Sunday to Thursday, both of which would have meant spending a considerable % of the time in the airport or on a plane :P Looking forward to the next Air NZ Bag-It deal!
  • Alistair
    Paul guessing you were alerted due to your other persona (so to speak) hope if they do this again you also pop it on here and HDUK. Spent the afternoon in a meeting so missed out - would have booked @ £170 as it was a mental price
  • 5 B.
    [...] It’s also a good idea subscribe to newsletters for travel sites and airlines; if you don’t want them bloating your inbox, create a label for them all in the likes of GMail and check the folder regularly. Finally, if you haven’t already, drag yourself into 2009 and subscribe to Twitter. Plenty of travel companies and airlines use Twitter for customer services and pushing new deals - following these companies mean they’ll pop up in your Twitter feed live as they’re announced. Those following Air New Zealand on Twitter were the first to find out about their Bags-It promotion - a 12 hour deal that saw a lucky few buy return flights from London to Hong for just £150. [...]

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