Cross-stitching for cheaper train fares. No, seriously.

dscn46893 The recent Stop The Cuts protest drew hundreds of thousands of angry citizens to the centre of London a couple of weeks ago, but it could be small fry compared to what is going to happen this weekend – and all in the name of cheaper rail fares.

It can’t be denied that most journeys are hugely expensive these days. After all, they’re just buses that go on rails, so why should it cost a three-figure sum to get on one and go somewhere? Especially when fares across Europe are considerably cheaper.

We’ll be cross-stitching the paragraph you’ve just read on to a piece of cloth shaped like a train carriage on Sunday when we team up with the Craftivist Collective at Kings Cross station, while drinking tea and eating jam sandwiches, in what could well be the mimsiest protest in the history of civil disobedience.

The plan seems to be to join the squares of cloth together into some kind of tapestry petition that will almost certainly stop the government in its tracks (geddit?) and make them call a halt to planned rail fare rises of up to 31% over the next four years.

According to the Facebook page for the event, 58 people are definitely attending. Bring your own fucking cupcakes and Belle & Sebastian albums and listen for the sound of the angry ghosts of the Suffragettes.

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  • Zleet
    On some routes it would be cheaper to get a local taxi firm to drive you all the way to London than take the train.

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