Commuters told to walk if they don't like London Underground

A cyclist, yesterday

Despite the fact loads of people have died on London's new bicycle super highway, thanks to it being a long strip of deathly errors, commuters and Londoners have been told that, if they don't like The Tube, they should cycle or walk.

Instead of trying to improve their services, Transport for London (TfL) are basically saying 'don't like it? Tough'.

A TfL spokesman said: "For example if you get the Tube at Clapham North to Stockwell just to transfer to the Victoria Line maybe you could instead walk as it would only take 10 minutes. Or could you start your journey 10 minutes earlier to avoid the crowds?"

Basically, the TfL have kicked off a pilot project, starting today, which hopes to ease commuters’ journeys by telling them to go away. A novel approach. Imagine if all businesses said "we're going to reduce the number of complaints we get by sticking our fingers in our ears until moaners either give up or die."

A spokesman from website Commuting Expert chucked their hat in the ring, saying: "Transport costs are going up and up while salaries stay flat so it is frustrating when the service you're paying for isn't the service you're being recommended to use."


  • Dick
    It has worked well for RyanAir so why not do it for the tube too.
  • Jerry
    It's a good point to make. especially in central london, there are many tube stations so close together that it is easier to walk between them. Having said that , it's worrying that a company is encurraging people NOT to use their product!
  • Ian
    by the time you've walked from the entrance to the platform, through all those tunnels and moving walkways etc, you've probably walked halfway to your destination anyway
  • M4RKM
    I knew someone who used to get the train into Euston, then the Northern Line down to Tottenham Court Road, to get the Central Line through to Liverpool Street. When I told them it was much quicker to walk from Euston to Euston Square (Out of the station, turn right, 4 minute walk), they were in disbelief that they would have to walk somewhere, and were worried they would get lost. Seriously, this campaign is useful, if not to only protect idiots from themselves really.
  • Dick
    The crazy thing is that for many people, even if they have worked in London for 10 years, they wouldn't know how the fuck to get from A to B, even if it is just a mile or so. I remember working with a guy that always got the tube from Cannon Street to Moorgate, and he insisted the best way was to get the tube to Monument/Bank (with a nice little walk there too), change there to the northern line and up to Moorgate. It took him about three years to realise he could stay on the circle line all the way to Moorgate. He never did find out he could just take a walk past the Bank of England and be there in less than 10 minutes, quicker than the tube after waiting around for one, and could have saved a lot not having to buy the travelcard part of his ticket.
  • shiftynifty
    Yeah, it amazes me fuckwits jump on the tube or bus to the next stop instead of walking it...while chomping on a greggs patsy/cake/insert whatever here
  • Inspector G.
    I don't know why Londoners complain that their 'choob' is 6 minutes late. Try living in the provinces where you're lucky to get a bus an hour 9-5 Monday to Friday.
  • Old G.
    So at the place where there apparently isn't a recession, the capital of this great country, the hub of City life, most of the fuckwits who work there don't even have basic navigation skills? Or too much money to care about economising? On a separate point, a dash of grey hair appears to do wonders for my social life. "Oh, so you're old enough to have paid off your mortgage and have lots of spare cash then?"
  • DiscoStu
    There are many people, I'm sure, who don't realise how much money they could save by buying a ticket to a zone 2 station and then walking into zone one. Mornington Crescent is only 1km away from Euston (Zone 1) and most of the zone 2 stations are 2km from zone 1. You'd save £700 a year by doing this and you'd probably be a lot healthier.

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