Commercial Break: You can't give a baby booze - but as for older kids...

Some of the parents among you are now up to your necks in the Easter holidays, with your children running wild around your home, painting on the walls and doing their number ones, number twos and even number threes all over the floors like feral creatures.

It’ll be over soon enough and they’ll be back at school where they can be tranquilised, restrained in behaviour cages, and er, taught stuff, but that’s precious little consolation to you now, as you rock backwards and forwards, your nerves beyond shredded.

You’re probably tempted to turn to the bottle and immerse yourself in booze. It seems that in Japan, they do things differently – it’s the kids who get the beer…


  • kev
    anyone remember Reeves & Mortimer: "I'm buyin booze furth baby"
  • Beer B.
    [...] day just gets more deranged the longer it goes on. First off we’ve had beer for children, then padded bikinis for children – now it’s beer for women! Whatever the sod [...]
  • Sean
    I've actually had some of this - you can buy it from CyberCandy. It's a lovely fruit based drink (with, bizarrely, fish oil in it!) Non-alcoholic alas

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