Commercial Break - Yes! We have no bananas

Nobody advertises fruit on our television. Maybe it's because we've been scoffing the stuff for donkeys' years, and been trained to eat it as part of the now legendary balanced lifestyle. It's common sense innit, and we don't need condescending marketing campaigns costing jillions to tell us what we already know, in the same way we're not taught how to draw breath, or that knocking one out on public transport isn't the done thing (although you'll no doubt have a friend who has).

Not so in Japan, however. For some reason, the humble banana is treated as the elixir of life, although we're not sure if you'd fancy one after it's been shot out the nose of this gurning, yellow-horned beealzebub:

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  • The B.
    You wanna see what he's got down his trousers.

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