Commercial Break: Watch The Flintstones. It's all about luurve...

14 July 2011

Oh Japan – you crazy, weird bastards and your astounding ability to make bewildering cultural translations at the drop of a pair of used schoolgirl’s pants from a Tokyo vending machine. Or something.

Here’s a genuine actual trailer from Japan for The Flintstones, wherein almost nothing to do with the fundamental nature of the long-running prehistoric cartoon laugh-riot is imparted. Yeah – we’ll DEFINITELY watch THAT!

Afterwards, although not an ad/trailer but here just to amuse/bemuse, is the opening title sequence from the Japanese broadcasts of 30 Rock. Again, point completely missed. By thousands of miles. We can only applaud them.

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  • John S.
    Fair enough. Bamm-Bamm gets shitfaced every episode, doesn't he?
  • Dick
    They are not trailers, they are adverts for sea chicken.

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