Commercial Break: Utter nonsense from Fox on the box

Good afternoon. And if you’re Michael J. Fox, happy 48th birthday. We hope you’re in good health and that you’re enjoying your special day. We’re using the occasion of your birthular anniversary to unearth this Japanese treasure.

Good afternoon. That’s Mike’s catchphrase in this pitch for some kind of drink, and ad that rarely strays away from being complete and utter bollocks throughout. We’d love to know how much the diminuitive star trousered for this 30 second spot but it probably paid for a nice big cake and lots of solid gold candles. His facial expression at 22 secs is worth the fee alone.

Good afternoon.


  • Nobby
    That stuff gives you Parkinson's disease.
  • Bullet
    "Ohhhhhh, Controversial"
  • Francis R.
    He's not really 'in good health' is he Dawson? He's not shaking cos he's cold man! Have a little respect!
  • Cock r.
    Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken. Lay a little egg for me.
  • Noghar
    His health is shot, he can't make features any more, the Japanese probably offered him a shitload of money for a job where he didn't have to hold a pose for more than 4 seconds, more power to him, frankly. Yeah it's kitsch and stupid, so what? Pick on someone who isn't dying.
  • Steve
    This ad is from 1994, his Parkinson's wasn't too bad back then.

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