Commercial Break: Unusual pool party

11 November 2010

A fresh effort from the land they call Japan today. Fifteen short seconds that make absolutely no sense to us whatsoever. So there’s a girl in a spa, which we're fine with, and then... well we won't spoil it for you but would be keen to hear your theories and explanations.

Who is the man? What does he represent? How did he get in there in the first place? We won't lie to you - it's all got us rather discombobulated.


  • Aelynn
    "How about getting rid of that old man inside you?" I'm guessing that's meant to represent tiredness, aches and pains, etc. Ah, only in Japan.
  • poo p.
    Maybe the little guy was going down on her under the water, and got sucked in when she got a dose of hiccups, then managed to climb his way through her body and pop out of her mouth?... Perfectly plausable explanation surely?

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