Commercial Break: The World Cup is here!

The World Cup kicks off later today! The 32-nation feast of football that only comes around a dozen times every half-century is upon us once again. Some of the world’s finest players are assembled in South Africa, chomping at the bit as they aim to use their silky skills in order to get their hands on the iconic trophy. Oh, and Emile Heskey – he’s there too!

Anyway, we’re sick of the World Cup now. The build up has gone on for far too long and we’re all jaded before a ball has even been kicked. So here’s an advert for some kind of coffee drink starring Tommy Lee Jones as a man out catching cormorants with some Japanese people. There’s some philosophical musing in there as well.

Come on coffee!


  • Nobby
    Those Hollywood actors can rest assured that they can do any old shit in Japan for megabucks, because no-one in the West will ever see it.
  • Dirty F.
    I want to know what Brian has to say about this.
  • Your B.
    [...] no notice of what we said earlier – we’ve got World Cup fever again! And the only prescription is free [...]
  • BINU! Fucking long version if you have time...

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