Commercial Break: The Russian air hostesses who have to wash the plane too

Russian budget airline Avianova haven’t got time for subtlety – not when there’s a great big aeroplane that needs to washed and a gang of scantily-clad air hostesses ready to get stuck into the job.

Gradually, they forget about the poor minging aeroplane and starting soaping themselves up until you begin to forget just what it is you’re watching and why.

The perky soundtrack gives it all a bit of a ‘Carry On Ryanair’ feel and we wouldn’t be surprised if a Ryanair version of this appeared before long. Not that we’re implying that the Sky Captain is a thief. Oh no…



  • FattyDan
    My mum told me watching videos like that would turn me to stone.... It has begun
  • Nobby
    They didn't do the classic boobs on the windscreen shot.
  • Milky
    They hid one of the girls tattoo's I guess the reason being in case it offended anyone! ..glad to see they're thinking about countering the prospect of moral outrage amongst viewers!
  • CJN
    Well that made an old man happy
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