Commercial Break: Spam? In Japan? Spam?

If we’re to be completely honest (and as you know, we ALWAYS are), we would say that the product we’d least expect to see being advertised in Japan in 2010 is a tin of Spam.

Spam represents the old guard, a throwback from a time of post-war austerity, when to us, Japan represents everything that is futuristic and modern and bonkers and seemingly a bit impossible.

Spam and Japan – does not compute but here it is. Thankfully, it’s all done in that nutty Japanese style that we know and love and there seems to be some kind of Spam sushi arrangement going on halfway through but it’s all kind of disappointing if we’re to be completely honest.

[Japan Probe]


  • That t.
    Spam in Japan, is better than opening a can of spam in Azerbaijan... man.
  • James D.
    A can of spam is the hassle free alternative to bumming foxes.
  • The b.
    One of the Spam lorries crashed into another carrying baby sheep, causing a large tailback, both drivers then claimed falsely on their insurance. The result was SpamLamb BamJamScam in Japan.
  • Nobby
    No doubt China will have a knock-off version soon. Can I suggest Splam.
  • Wonky H.
    Is James saying that he sticks he winky into a can of spam?
  • Cheddar
  • Junkyard
    Spushi FTW.
  • Foxfur
    Spam sushi, "Spam musubi" is Hawaiian. And delicious.

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