Commercial Break: Nicolas un-Caged for Pachinko

We love seeing Hollywood stars floundering around in Japanese ads – the only thing they seem completely sure of is that they’ll be getting a monstrously large cheque at the end of their day’s work.

Not so in this compilation of Pachinko ads starring Nicolas Cage. The star embraces the lunacy of it all in a way he used to do so well back in the early days of his career in films like Wild At Heart and Vampire’s Kiss.

In the first ad, he’s bawling tunelessly at a piano – by the end he’s in the middle of nowhere, butting heads with the leader of an army of metal Pachinko ball men. It’s, erm… refreshing.


  • pepemias
    I bet all those directors of the multi-million pound bombed movies he made are kicking himself that he never performed like this .
  • beeshbash
    Oh no - he did perform like that. He's a bit more subtle for Western audiences. Not the bees.

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