Commercial Break: Nice Muscle

Japan – it’s an alien planet that’s somehow been transplanted on to Earth isn’t it? It has to be. Witness the ad for the forthcoming WiiWare game Muscle March – this couldn’t have been made anywhere other than in Japan. Sadly, for the moment at least, the game will only be available there. Come on, bring it here – we can handle it!

In it, you play the role of a body builder whose protein shake has been nicked. Your task is simple – to get it back. But you have to match the shapes that the thief has made after smashing his way through a series of walls while making off with your muscle powder. It’s sort of a bit like a crazed, iron-pumping version of Dale Winton’s Hole In The Wall game show. Only nowhere near.



  • MikeBeaver
    That look's bizarre to say the least :)
  • Big_Guy
    Thats fucking ace!!!
  • Mike U.
    A bear in a thong!! What other fucked up things will this game contain I wanna play it now
  • J
    I'm aroused..... ...Everybody leave........NOW!!!!!!!!
  • pauski
    Is that grey haired man (bottom left) masturbating (eg. 1m12s) - Is that how you muscle up?
  • goon
    pretty sure they must eat lsd for breakfast over there. with chopsticks probably.
  • New F.
    [...] Wii Game!!!!! MUSCLE BUILDER!!!! Sorry if this has already been on here. This looks like great fun. Make sure you listen with sound. - seriously funny. /Jap-voice-on/ [...]

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