Commercial Break: Life with the Bowies

Let’s all imagine that David Bowie has done something noteworthy lately, so that we can bring an air of topicality to today’s Commercial Break. Of course, he hasn’t – it’s been about eight years since he released his last album and rumours that he’s packed it in for good have been swirling around for ages.

So let’s just forget about the topicality stuff and enjoy this Italian ad for Vittel water, also made about eight years ago, in which the great man shares a house with some of his more notable alter-egos. Come back Mr Bowie. Make some more records please. Not ones like Tin Machine though.


  • samuri
    in a word.....shit!
  • Marky M.
    I thought he'd retired after his heart attack. A true loss. His son makes good films though.
  • Nipples
    An Italian ad in French??! WTF est-ce réel?
  • Boris
    That Bowie needs to get some meat into that fridge. Skinny git.
  • Jack
    Oh those Italians! What with their croissants, onions and Eiffel Tower...
  • Dick
    I think you'll find that Germany now owns the Eiffel Tower, along with most of mainland Europe.

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