Commercial Break: Israel - the pocket rocket of holiday destinations

All that shit between Israel and Palestine is no laughing matter, but Israel are still keen to attract tourists to their fair land and this advert tries to introduce a dash of humour to proceedings.

In a nutshell, they’re flogging the charms of their country by incorporating it into a lame, clunky gag about a man with a tiny knob. Except he doesn’t have a tiny knob – he’s just looking at a map of Israel!

Ha ha ha ha arf  – much mirth and laughter all round. But if you go, don’t go on a day trip to the Gaza Strip, lest you end up in a scene like this one.


  • Jas
    Advert aside, I think your joke about don't going to the Gaza strip or your end up like the picture posted is very childish. Do you even know how many innocent people die there? I guess you would be laughing as well if you saw something like that on a daily basis? Whoever writes these articles needs to grow up.
  • Nobby
    What a shit advert.
  • The G.
    @ Nobby. Amen to that brother!
  • Nobby
    It would have been slightly better if she started going on about the hills and valleys (meaning her tits and her lady's v-hole, in case you don't get my drift), but still pretty shit.
  • ZH
    Are they trying to say the tiny country is like a Dick .... hmmmmm .... but a little confused about the marketing message where having a small dick is a good thing ,...... let me think ......
  • Jack T.
    Naff ad. Wouldn't go to Gaza but I'd go south.

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