Commercial Break: Inglorious Japanese basterdry from Quentin

Today’s clip is hot and fresh out of the Japanese mad ad pipe and it’s one of those that stars a top Hollywood face who really should know better.

In this case it’s Quentin Tarantino, plugging the Softbank mobile phone network and if you’re not sure what the freak he’s up to, Gizmodo reader ‘deliciousburglar’ provided a quick translation… courtesy of someone else, before you start praising him. Hell, we don’t even know if it’s accurate.

It starts with the older woman asking the dog if he's going to a town called Tosa. The dog says yes. Then, the younger woman asks if Tarantino is going along, whereupon he declares "I am Tara!"

At that point, in the long version, Tarantino does his samurai impression "Hai-ya! Samurai spirit!! Get him with the samurai sword! Ho-ha!" etc. The dog says "I'm determined to go to Tosa!" The older woman tells Tara to calm down, and he says "Yes". Then, the phone rings, the younger woman says "It's the phone", and the older woman says "It's your wife." Tara gasps. The wife asks for Tara, he responds with another "I am Tara!" then she yells "Get home right now!

All makes so much more sense when you know what’s actually going on…

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  • Jack
    They have some weird stuff there - ooooh a tacky looking dog speaker, WOW!!111 I must have one

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