Commercial Break: Heroin? Hamburgers? All the same thing really

When you really sit down and think about it, heroin and hamburgers are pretty much the same thing. They’re both bad for you, they both begin with the letter ‘h’ and you buy both of them from a peculiar-looking man who is dressed as a clown.

Okay, so maybe we could have thought that through a bit more. But perhaps our minds are clouded from the vast quantities of heroinburgers that we get through in the average week. Hopefully this public service announcement from Australia will help clear things up once and for all…


  • Matt
    Urm, ok..... I wouldn't inject kids with juice, fruit or veg either, does that mean i can't feed them those? There's a serious point to be made, but what a bloody stupid way to make it!
  • Milky
    people are so bloody stupid, they often need something equally "stoopid" in order to get the message across. (you can bet this ad was made up by advertising execs between toots of various substances though )
  • zleet
    The future is here! I always thought it would be meals in pill form but it turns out we will all be mainlining big-macs before we head off to work on the moon using our personal rocket pack. I feel peckish, I think I have a vain left between my toes that could manage some chicken nuggets......yum.
  • Franck D.
    was that a fart at 0:08?
  • Meh
    Holy shit. And to think, I was going to go to Australia at some point in my life.
  • The B.
    I have just liquidised a burger and injected a small child with it, it made no difference.

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