Commercial Break: Good riddance you hapless Aussie weasels!

24 August 2009

When thousands of you aren’t trying to squirm your way out of your Orange contracts, normal service around these parts involves repeated complaints about the services provided by 3 Mobile.

Now we’re not going to suggest that 3 are a lame duck of an organisation who clumsily align themselves with feckless losers as they try to sell their products, but here’s an ad they did recently with the Australian cricket team.

Would it be unfair to compare 3 Mobile with an utterly useless gang of cricketing nobodies who have been cut down to size good and proper on these very shores over the past few weeks? A team who we presume have abandoned any future fixtures that might be pencilled in around these parts and have slunk out of the country, appropriately on a slow boat back from whence they came?

Look at them here – a bunch of flamin’ galahs to a man. Good riddance, the tiny, stupid-looking trophy is ours again!

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  • The B.
    Perhaps if they'd been practicing cricket instead of making 3 adverts, playing golf, etc they might have stood a chance. I'm surprised you haven't picked up on some of the cobblers the Oz press having been spouting, namely "the quality of the pitch was shocking and unplayable", like the Brits were playing on some sort of ultra-springy velvet cushion and not the same pitch at all. Having said that, I think you’re being a bit harsh on them, I have nothing but respect for Australians which is a lot more than can be said for Afrikaners, especially the scum that live in London.

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