Commercial Break: Dancing dog pedals Japanese snacks

Once more we must flee to Japan for today’s ad – a batshit mental half-minute which is initially vague about what it is that it’s actually punting.

The ingredients are a moping child, a doll, an acrobatic dog and it all ends with the moping child being reunited with his sweetheart, seemingly thanks to the antics of the dog. And what product is this all in aid of?



  • Nobby
    I like the vaudeville style "fan dance" at 0.17-0.20, although the dog hasn't quite got the technique right.
  • Fu M.
    lol at "running on his hands" with a picture of the face over his groin and shorts on his head
  • Noghar
    Pedants' corner: I think the headline should read 'peddles'. Pedalling is what you do on a bike. And what a crap advert.
  • Amanda H.
    The pink nipple ad on display after, is equally disturbing.
  • Nobby
    What is the moral of the advert? Offer a girl crisps and she'll love you? Use this particular brand and you can get any six year old girl? Japan doesn't have real dogs?
  • Brad
    Errrr..... Japan you scare me.

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