Commercial Break: Cramming as much as possible into 15 seconds

For Japanese kids who want to pass their high school or university entrance exams, ‘juku’ or ‘cram schools’ are increasingly popular. As the name suggests, they’re educational establishments where students can get some intensive tuition in a short period of time, allowing them to get through those tricky exams.

So if you were the proprietor of such a Japanese ‘cram school’, what might be the best way to advertise your services? Lots of noise and confusion? People dressed as aliens and planets? Plenty of shouty repetition?

Yep – that should get the teenagers pouring through the cram school gates…


  • Maude
    You forgot the school choir singing Nessun Dorma underneath it all.
  • Brad
    The Japs get this crazy stuff and what do we get? Some fat bloke shouting WONGA! For shame......
  • Nobby
    That's fairly sensible for a Japanese ad.

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