Commercial Break: Brave skinny man hits back at lunk-headed bouncers

Chokito Bars then. Some research suggests that they’re Australia’s equivalent of the Lion Bar. So when you watch this viral ad-type thing, when the man says Chokito, think Lion Bar.

It’s one man launching a campaign of retaliation against the steroid-fuelled spunkmonkey that is the modern bouncer, or if you will, doorman. Or doorlady or whatever.

In the name of Chokito (Lion Bar) he’s giving them a taste of their own medicine, and narrowly avoiding getting his face filled in. Good work cobber.


  • Paulo M.
    Just not very funny imo, but in fact pretty childish and offensive to people who didn't deserve it at all. But then again, I am calling myself Paulo Maldini.
  • Jack
    Haha, I found it pretty entertaining actually. Felt sorry for the guys involved, but I'm sure they were told afterwards. I'm surprised he didn't get his head kicked in
  • marcello l.
    paulo maldini is rubbish. letting liverpool aka the shite score all those goals in the final a while back liverpool suck cock
  • Chris
    LOL. That's outstanding. It's a prick thing to do but rather funny. He could have got killed at the end though.
  • Paulo M.
    Fuck you, marcello. :D
  • Ryan...
    I prefer Mario Kart on the wii

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